Canfor is one of the world’s largest producers of sustainable lumber, pulp and paper. We’ve built our reputation on the quality of our products, the reliability of our supply and our superior customer service. Find out more about why customers around the world prefer Canfor.

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At Tolko, our values, vision and mission aren’t just what we believe. They’re how we work, live and serve our customers every day.

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Conifex is committed to prompt reforestation of all lands it harvests, with ecologically suitable stock.  We plant a mixture of spruce, pine, and Douglas fir to ensure future crops are biologically diverse and that forested areas remain resistant to harmful pests and disease.  Our primary business is the manufacture of structural grade SPF dimension lumber. Our operations are conducted in a sustainable, safe and environmentally sound manner and they include timber harvesting, reforestation, forest management, sawmilling logs into lumber and wood chips, and value added lumber finishing.

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Founded in 1962 by Bob Stewart and Ivan Andersen, Sinclar Enterprises began as a lumber wholesaler for local mills in Prince George. At that time there were nearly 20 wholesale companies in the region and one-on-one relationships were vital to commercial success. Through these personal relationships Bob and Ivan became aware of opportunities to acquire lumber mills. Their first purchase was Apollo Forest Products in Fort St. James. Apollo would later enter a joint venture with the Nak'azdli First Nation to open Tl'oh Forest Products (1995), now an industry leader in finger-joint stud lumber. Sinclar Enterprises, renamed Sinclar Group Forest Products in 2009, has grown to include Nechako Lumber Co. (Vanderhoof, 1969), L&M Lumber Co. (Vanderhoof, 1972), Lakeland Mills Ltd. (Prince George, 1973), Winton Global Homes (Spruce Capital Homes, 1996) and Premium Pellet (Vanderhoof, 2001).

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Tembec produces a comprehensive range of high-quality spruce, pine and fir dimensional lumber products (SPF lumber) from northern Canadian forests. All species and grades are available as Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified – your assurance our products are made with fiber from responsible sources. We serve residential and commercial construction markets as well as the industrial market, which includes manufacturers of trusses, siding, pallets and other products. Our light, strong SPF lumber is the preferred choice of customers worldwide.

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West Frasier

We are committed to producing and delivering a quality product and, as such, take steps to ensure standards are consistently met. All lumber is graded in compliance with the NLGA (National Lumber Grades Authority) and the NGR (National Grading Rules) which are accredited by the ALS (American Lumber Standard) and CLS (Canadian Lumber Standard). Each piece of lumber is grade-stamped showing the grade of lumber, the dryness, the mills' designated number and the accredited agency, which in turn performs routine grading checks to ensure the product meets or exceeds all standards.

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